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Mr. Summerlin has worked in the Information Technology industry for over 15 years. He started working for a large call center that supported Fortune 500 companies, providing technical support to the company. Mr. Summerlin continued to study and learn enterprise level IT throughout the years. About 10 years ago, Mr. Summerlin started working for Eperformax Inc. At the time he started working for Eperfomax, the company was a 400+ seat Call Center located in Memphis, Tennessee, providing customer support for many private companies. Over the years, he has moved from a System Administrator role within Eperformax to handling the procurement of all IT equipment for both the current US operations, as well as the larger overseas operations located in the Philippines. Mr. Summerlin has always enjoyed IT management which has led him to support multiple other companies while still maintaining his Eperformax position. Mr. Summerlin currently oversees the $1 Million+ yearly IT budget for ePerformax, as well as maintaining multiple IT environments locally here in Memphis.